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Brandon Town Hall

Spring Clinic with Mike Savoldi

Trimming and Related Pathology of the Coffin Bone

Spring Clinic with Mike Savoldi

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Brandon Town Hall, Brandon, VT 05733, USA

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Mike Savoldi's credentials include: 2018 induction into the International Horseshoeing Hall of Fame, past Chair for American Farriers Association Equine Research Committee, American Farriers Association 2005 Educator of the Year, past Committee member AAEP Vet/Farrier relations. As an educator, farrier & researcher with California State Polytechnic University in Pomona, CA, he developed concepts that have challenged the minds of many farriers & veterinarians. He is an internationally known author & researcher.

Mike has been working on research of trimming a foot to understand how it influences different tissue within the foot since the '70's. He's found that just a slight change to a trim’s angle can upset the balance between the coffin bone and the arches. Because minimal changes can have such a drastic result, he's found it’s imperative that they are made gradually. Mike along with Rosenberg developed a trimming protocol called Uniform Sole Thickness (UST).

“Uniform refers to the relative uniformity of the layer of moist, dense tissue defining the junction of the sole body with the white line and the hoof wall,” he says. “Trimming according to the plane of the points which define this junction is optimal for hoof health and function. By learning more about the internal structures of the hoof and their interrelationship, we become better able to both serve the needs of the horses in our care and educate our clients.”

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